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IMtheDEVIL - this is x-posted to every relevant community i could find

South Florida. Atari Violence. The Devil.
we've uploaded five new songs. you can check us out at:
also we are asking favors from everyone who is willing to help.
In June we are looking to tour. this is our first time. we have very little connections outside florida and we are looking to fill these dates. all we are looking for is some contact info for venues in your area, or possibly someone who can point us in the right direction or knows someone who can book us onto a show. or even if you yourself can book us onto a show. ANY info you can give us AT ALL will be helpful.

any info we can for dates in or around the following areas. if you can help us when we are in your area we'll give you free shit. its most likely literally shit but its FREE.
13th - Tampa FL
14th - Orlando FL
15th - Atlanta GA
16th - Columbia SC
17th - Charlotte NC
18th - Richmond VA
19th - Philly OR Pittsburgh PA
20th - NY (New York doesnt have cities yet... i leave it open to take whatever we can get our hands on.)
21st - NY
22nd - NY
23rd - Ontario Canada
24th - Detroit MI
25th - Cleveland OH
26th - Chicago IL
28th - Texas
29th - Texas

email us at imthedevilmail@gmail.com
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